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EmpowHER is a one day conference created by young women, for young women aged 15-20 years.


WE ARE BACK! All that has changed is the date!


There are 11 amazing wellbeing workshops:

Shut Up & Dance w/ Rewa

Wanna learn Beyoncé's Single Ladies? Napolean Dynamite's talent show performance? The iconic Dirty Dancing routine? We hear your excitement and no, this is not a dream, we are real. We exist. Your dream fitness class is finally here. A 45 minute non-stop dance class with smiling and sweating guaranteed.

Flow Yoga w/ Caroline

"EmpowHERment comes from a balance of strength, flexibility, self-awareness and compassion - physically, mentally and emotionally. A well-rounded yoga practice touches on all of these things. Join us for an all-levels, accessible yoga session to stretch and breathe your way into your empowHERed best self!"


Vision Boarding w/ Allie Miles, Ignite Sport

Let’s dream together! Vision boarding is an opportunity to be inspired. You’ll walk away with a self-made masterpiece that will motivate you towards a dream, goal, or vision you have for your life. HOW FUN?! If you’re into crafts & being creative this is the workshop for you!


Get it done! w/ Ali Todd, Shift Wairarapa

Tiktok…no not the endless dance moves, but time! It is one of the most valuable things you have in life! Learning about time management and organising isn’t boring, it can be life changing, literally! Lets stop stressing, procrastinating, and running out of time, let’s GET IT DONE!


Boxing w/ Wellington Boxing Gym

Dayna from Wellington Boxing Gym is passionate about all things boxing and also young wahine. So she is excited to come be part of empowHER conference. She will run a session teaching some basic skills, have some fun games and of course punch some pads! Some come have some fun and a smash out.


Song Writing w/ Meli Pitoula

Do you want to learn more about song writing, but don’t know where to start? Come along and have a jam with Meli! You’ll have the opportunity to learn something new & be inspired to continue your journey with music! No experience or skill level required, just come as you are.

Being Kinder to yourself w/ Jen Young

What we tell ourselves everyday will either lift us up or tear us down. Learning to better understand ourselves and our own personal psychology is one of the best time investments we can make for our long term happiness. Join Jen from Intentional Generations for this 1 hour workshop to learn about how we can be kinder to ourselves by understanding our inner critic and coach.

Plants and wellbeing w/ Nicky & Josh from POTPLANT Studio

In these workshops, the team at POTPLANT STUDIO will educate and inform attendees on indoor plant care and maintenance. This is also a chance to get your hands dirty, by getting involved in some planting of your own! We talk about the health and wellbeing benefits that indoor plants can provide. We will explore different soil components and explain how to match specific soil to particular plants, while also learning how to keep your plant healthy, happy, and thriving. By the end of a POTPLANT STUDIO workshop you will have a new plant friend to start your indoor plant collection or add to your growing plant family!

Express yourself through drama w/ Nicola, Voice Arts Trust

Spark your creativity, play with how you express yourself, discover better ways to communicate, all while having a great laugh. This workshop takes the tools of improvisation and drama and gives us a chance to play with performing different versions of ourselves, to discover who we are and who we are becoming. Facilitated by Voice Arts, this workshop has you on your feet, out of your head and into the unknown! Come play. 

Your Time Matters: Strategies and Tools for Defining and Designing Your Balanced Life w/ Jen Young

Do you ever look at someone else’s life and think: “how do they manage to do it all?” or “how do they find the time to fit in everything while also managing their wellbeing?” I’ve been on both sides of those questions - I’ve been the one comparing my life to others and the one that others look up to. Description: Join Jen from Intentional Generations for this 1 hour practical and interactive workshop that is specifically designed for young women. This workshop will help you define your own definition of a “balanced life” and learn practical strategies and tools to help you design a life where you have the time for everything that matters to you. Jen will share from her own personal experiences and from her own work coaching chief executives, leaders and other high-performing individuals stories and examples of what does and doesn’t work. After attending this workshop, you’ll come away with: Your own personal “why” for managing your time and energy, Understanding of your own particular time wasters and strategies for reducing them, Your own definition of a “balanced life", A better understanding of motivation and how to manage your workload, energy and wellbeing, Strategies that enable you to work/study smarter not harder, An understanding of what you personally need to regularly do for optimum brain performance and focus.

Confidence w/ Liv, Shift Lower Hutt

In this workshop, you will learn tips and tricks about ways you can build confidence in your life and how confidence looks different on everybody. Hear from Liv and what her personal journey to confidence has been like. Come prepared to learn and reflect.

 We also have amazing speakers to be inspired by this year. You will learn ways to love yourself a little more.


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If you have any questions, reach out to Shift or email us!

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 1 day. 4 speakers. 18 workshops. 

 140 new wellbeing leaders. 

On the 28 June 2018, 140 young women came from across the Wellington region to be empowered, connected, and inspired to become champions for wellbeing in their communities.