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The Give back, Shift forward grant is for any young woman who needs some financial help to get moving. It can help cover costs such as equiptment, sports registration fees, and transport.



Download the form, print it and fill in the applicant section. Give the other page to your parent and a referee (e.g. your teacher) to fill in.


Provide an invoice e.g. sport registration fee, or get two quotes for the costs you'll need to cover e.g. screenshot of the equiptment you'd like to buy from two different online stores.


Scan and email your application with invoice/quotes attached to or post it to:


Attention: Give back, Shift forward
Shift – Parks, Sport & Recreation
Wellington City Council
PO Box 2199
Wellington 6140

Application process

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed by the Shift Assessment Panel on the 15th of every month. Successful applicants will be contacted directly within a week of the review. Unsuccessful applicants will receive notification of the outcome via email or post. Successful applicants will be expected to complete a written or verbal report back on the positive impact of the fund. This will be explained further after funding decisions have been made.

Any questions?

Please get in touch and we'll help you however we can.


  1. The applicant’s immediate family is unable to support them in providing the necessary equipment, clothing or other related costs to enable participation in physical activity and wellbeing opportunities.

  2. The applicant must live or work in Wellington or be regularly attending intermediate, secondary school or university in Wellington.

  3. The completed application is genuinely in aid of assisting participation in physical activity or wellbeing opportunities which otherwise would not take place.

  4. Two quotes are required for clothing, footwear and equipment (for example the cost of a tennis racket from a shop and one from a New Zealand website).

  5. A letter or invoice/quote is required for registration or membership fees.

  6. Funding will not be given retrospectively (i.e. for things that have already been paid for).

  7. This fund is open to young women aged 12 to 20 years of age.

Fund overview

Give back, Shift forward has been established to assist young Wellington women (aged 12 to 20) who live, work or go to school in Wellington, to remove the financial barrier to participating in physical activity or wellbeing opportunities.


It is not the purpose of this fund to help with representative or elite sport, therefore we will not cover travel or accommodation costs.

Shift will consider funding:

  • sport or physical activity related registration/membership fees (club, group or school)

  • transport costs (eg Snapper card/train pass)

  • fee to participate in an event

  • equipment not provided through a club, group or school

  • compulsory activewear (eg footwear, mouthguards, etc)

  • equipment for active modes of transport (eg running shoes, second-hand bike, swimming goggles and togs).



This is currently a small fund, we expect applications for $50 to $200 per applicant. Shift will review applications on the 15th of every month and notify applicants of the outcomes within one week of review. Individuals can apply up to twice a year.


The Give back, Shift forward fund is facilitated by Shift and its key partners, and is funded by community fundraising and crowd-sourcing efforts. To support Shift, register for our monthly eNewsletter, follow us on Facebook, or email us at


Outcomes of financial assistance

  • To increase the wellbeing of young Wellington women.

  • To reduce the financial barrier for young women and allow for an increase in physical activity levels.

  • To increase the number of young women taking part in regular physical activity.

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