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The Conversation Collective is a Shift podcast focused on topics surrounding young women's wellbeing.


Our dream was to create a platform that elevated young women's voices, so that a wide audience could hear young women speak about wellbeing. This dream grew into our first series with a team of six young women, nine episodes, and hundreds of listens!






Following a successful pilot we launched a second series, that concluded in January 2021. The stars of series two were Eleanor, Polly, Solinda, Jolénna, Caitlin and Kate (meet them below!) 


We are hoping to record more episodes in the future, but in the meantime you can follow the podcast project @the_conversation_collective on Instagram, or

Subscribe to the podcast on either Spotify or Apple Podcasts and we'll keep you posted on progress!

Meet the team!
"Why do you want to be a part of The Conversation Collective?"
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Eleanor Bassett

"I am interested in being involved with The Conversation Collective because for an English assignment I made a podcast (it was a single episode on running technology and safety!) I loved the process of sitting down and recording with my cup o’ coffee, then learning to edit it and hearing the finished product. Like many people, I wasn’t super keen on the sound of my voice on tape the first time I heard it!"

Jolenna Deo.jpeg

Polly Wenlock

"I think now is an especially interesting time to be involved in a project that examines the effects of COVID-19 on our and international societies and also to examine the wealth disparity in New Zealand and how Covid-19 has disproportionately affected individuals. Also I’d love to be involved in a podcast with a group of young motivated people with whom I could learn and develop. Working on a podcast would also be great for my radio CV as I’d love to work towards a career in radio/news. "

Solinda Lach

"I love having a good conversation and I also love having a good heart to heart. So that means really listening to the other person, listening to the stories they are sharing. And listen to them, be attentive, and create a space where people feel comfortable to be open and to be vulnerable. Because there is such immense strength in being able to share stories! I’d love to be a part of this empowered community!"

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Jolénna Deo

“Why wouldn’t I?! This is such an amazing initiative and collective, I love being surrounded by wāhine toa and I think this is such a great opportunity to do so. I have actually wanted to start my own podcast for a long time, but I think that I don’t have the confidence to do so, so this is such a great stepping stone. I also think that talking about empowerment and wellbeing in a more nonchalant way would make it less of a taboo subject. ”

Caitlin Robinson

“I’d like to be involved in The Conversation Collective podcast because I value everything that Shift stands for, and I would love to be a part of a bigger, important conversation. ”

Kate Morris

"I think that it would be a really cool personal development opportunity, to work on my creativity, and my ideas, and to learn some really cool things. Also I think it would just be so incredible to be able to meet other like minded people and have the kōrero with them around these really important topics for us at this time. "


Big thank you and high fives to the Center for Sport, Peace, and Society at the University of Tennessee whose Empower Women through Sports follow on grant is giving this podcast wings!

Also, ngā mihi nui to the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO for supporting the second series of The Conversation Collective!


Thanks friends! Arohanui.

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