The Conversation Collective is a Shift podcast focused on topics surrounding young women’s wellbeing.


Our dream was to create a platform that elevated young women’s voices, so that a wide audience could hear young women speak about wellbeing. 


The first series of episodes was designed and created by a team of inspiring 14-19 year old women. They are Ronia, Jess, Cayla, Kaitlyn, Gina and Brooke (meet the team below!) 


The Conversation Collective team spoke to some fabulous guests and had eye opening conversations on everything from education to identity. We heard why movement is so important to wellbeing and fulfilment, why visibility of diverse voices is crucial, and we learnt how to uncover the core values that make you who you are. 


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"It's been a great experience. Honestly, I never thought I'd be in an actual podcast! What?! But it's been really cool."

Meet the young women behind series one!

Jess Smith. 19

Jess co-hosted the very first episode Inclusivity and Education. 


"My highlight of making the podcast so far has been conducting the interviews and being able to talk about topics I’m passionate about with both like minded people and people in positions where they are trying to affect change every day."

Ronia Ibrahim. 19

Ronia designed the podcast logo and she also co-hosted the episode Navigating Your Identity

"A highlight of making the podcast so far for me is that by having a space to discuss women’s wellbeing, I have seen a genuine growth to my own wellbeing. It has truly been a rewarding experience to create meaningful content while also being able to develop meaningful connections with the Convo Co team. The podcast journey so far has been such an enriching experience for me, and I am excited to pass on all the wisdom, love and welcoming that I have been surrounded with the past few months making this. <3"

Gina Dao-McLay. 17

Gina co-hosted an episode all about Role Models.

“I’ve loved creating this podcast with everyone so much. We learn so much from each other and get to talk about our shared experiences as well – we also laugh HEAPS!”

Cayla McFadden. 17

Cayla co-hosted the episode Social Media.

“A highlight of this podcast has been meeting some incredible and inspiring women who I‘ve learnt so much from, and having the opportunity to learn and grow alongside them while doing something that’s a bit different.”

Kaitlyn Payne. 17
Kaitlyn co-hosted our final episode of the series Shift Your Body, Shift Your Mind.

“My highlight of making the podcast so far has been seeing it come together from the ideas at our very first meeting, to recording and editing episodes and now releasing them! I have learnt so much from working with these beautiful wāhine and love hearing their thoughts on it all each week.”

Brooke Cherry. 14
Brooke was the essential behind the scenes techie. She has experience making her own podcast at Naenae Clubhouse and is the recording and editing queen!

"I’m so excited to be able to use my editing skills to help these wonderful women get their voices heard and talk about young women’s wellbeing, I have loved working on this podcast so far and can’t wait to see how it ends up."












Big thank you and high fives to the Center for Sport, Peace, and Society at the University of Tennessee whose Empower Women through Sports follow on grant helped bring this idea to life.

Also, thank you to the Ministry of Youth Development for supporting our LeadHERship programmes that help grow the most phenomenal LeadHERs, like these ones!


And last but not least we would like to say a huge shout out and ngā mihi nui to Naenae Clubhouse for collaborating on this project, and sharing knowledge and equipment with us.


Thanks friends! Arohanui.