The Shift Foundation is a Charitable Trust that works in partnership with other awesome organisations (see below) to improve the wellbeing of young women aged 12 – 20 years. We do this by:


of wellbeing through education and role modelling


to participation by providing fun, social, low cost physical activity and sport opportunities 


by inspiring and growing leaders to create change in their own communities.

Our Approach

We co-design wellbeing solutions with young women to better understand their needs in an ever-changing environment. We seek and hear feedback, and embrace constant iteration and meaningful engagement. We are accessible, agile, and strongly believe in building whanaungatanga. We experiment, collaborate and have fun! We work in the worlds of wellbeing science, physical activity, social entrepreneurship and design.

Our Values

  • Co-design - plan and deliver with young women

  • Empowerment - support young women to find and lead their own solutions to wellbeing issues 

  • Inclusive & Accessible - we actively work with young women who identify with a diverse range of communities

  • ​Holistic - encompassing the mind, body, spirit

  • Collaboration - work in partnership with others who share similar values

  • Safety/wellbeing - of young women and ourselves

  • FUN - at every step of the way


Wellington City Council was the incubator for Shift since its inception in 2016 and continues to deliver the Shift programme in Wellington city.

CSW 2 colour less DP.jpg

College Sport Wellington (CSW) delivers the Shift programme in Porirua.  CSW works with its member secondary schools to foster and promote sport and active recreation opportunities for their students.

KYS (Kapiti Youth Support) delivers the Shift programme in Kapiti. KYS is a Youth One Stop Shop committed to providing the most effective services to meet the health and wellbeing needs of Kapiti youth. We’re passionate about providing services which truly make a difference and that means not only working closely with youth but also with families and the community.

The Upper Hutt Community Youth Trust (UHCYT) delivers the Shift programme in Upper Hutt. UHCYT creates healthy spaces and experiences to help young people discover their worth, see new possibilities for their future, and contribute positively to the community.


We work with amazing people and organisations that genuinely care about what we’re trying to achieve and are committed to helping us achieve it. If you want to make a positive impact in young women's lives and aren't afraid to try new things, we'd love to hear from you.